TAO-Venture-Beat-QuoteTAO is a small, mobile exercise device that connects via bluetooth to a free exercise app on your phone.TAO-Mashable-Quote

TAO is unique (and patented) because unlike all the trackers and monitors, you can actually exercise with TAO, anywhere.

The exercises, called “Variobics™” are based on isometrics, similar to some yoga and Pilates mechanics. TAO’s app coaches you through the exercises making it a game.


TAO is also an excellent game contoller – get ripped while playing your favorite mobile games! We even made our own, multi-player Sumo Wrestling game that’s a lot of fun.


Our Vision

TAO-Wellness’s goal is to integrate fitness into your life at work, home and on the road.

Turn Downtime into Exercise Time™ is our motto.


Hundreds of ways to work it

Expand your fitness routine with TAO WellShell’s extensive range of exercises. Improve muscle strength, tone, and circulation.

A few examples of how you can target specific muscle groups and develop a complete exercise routine with TAO WellShell: