Exercise with the world’s most portable, electronic isometric device

TAO_pushit_circleYou push. TAO WellShell resists.

This totally new pocketsize digital device coaches you through a simple, effective isometric workout wherever you are: in the office, on a plane, in a car, or at home.

TAO WellShell also monitors performance.

It records your vital statistics (steps, miles, calorie intake, heart rate) and delivers them to your digital devices for analysis and display.

Adding TAO WellShell to your exercise routine gives you everything you need to set goals, track progress, monitor nutrition, and connect for sharing and gaming.TAO-wellness-bicep-isometric-exercises

Our vision

To provide every individual with a simple, effective, and motivating way to enhance fitness and wellness – anywhere, anytime.



Enjoy the benefits of isometric exercise

TAO WellShell is new, but it’s based on ancient fitness techniques. Inspired by isometric principles developed in Greece and China centuries ago, TAO’s exercises contract muscles in static positions.

For thousands of years, athletes and ordinary people have used isometrics to improve well-being and enhance the benefits of dynamic exercise. This is why isometrics form the basis for so many fitness and strength training programs, such as yoga, Pilates, the scientific 7-minute workout, plank exercising and core training. TAO WellShell augments isometric exertion and records your progress toward optimal fitness.



Hundreds of ways to work it

Expand your fitness routine with TAO WellShell’s extensive range of exercises. Improve muscle strength, tone, and circulation.

A few examples of how you can target specific muscle groups and develop a complete exercise routine with TAO WellShell:


There’s nothing else like it

TAO WellShell is a completely new invention protected by two issued patents. It’s one of a kind – a mobile gym and trainer that goes where you go, so you can exercise anywhere, anytime.

And it monitors your progress, then displays your fitness data (steps, miles, aerobic exercise, nutrition, sleep, etc.) and rewards your achievements.

TAO WellShell’s intuitive interaction (Tilt Tap Press) and ergonomic design make it simple to use and enjoy. With Bluetooth and a micro-USB port, connection and interaction are smooth and easy.


  • Buttonless design
  • Tilt, Tap, Press navigation
  • Pressure sensor
  • Heart-rate sensor
  • 24-hour activity tracking
  • Stand-alone usage mode
  • Instant coaching and feedback
  • Free Android app available from Google Play
  • Android™ and IOS™ apps coming soon