TAO WellShell

The reviews are unanimous – TAO is a hit! See what Mashable, Venture Beat, CNET, PCWorld, Tom’s Guide, 148Apps, the Verge, enGadget, and many more are saying . . .

…allows you to work out anywhere — a desk, an airplane seat and even while watching TV.


…turn some of that lazy downtime into sculptin’ time.


…a perfect fit for road warriors and desk jockeys alike.


…it could offer a novel approach to building strength during your down time.


…a tiny gym in your pocket.


…a product designed for busy people trapped in sedentary lives.


If you don’t have much time or space to do those reps the WellShell is a device to help you squeeze in exercise anywhere.


What’s so interesting about it is that the exercises are largely comprised of squeezing the device from various angles – all of which will work different groups of muscles – so there’s nothing really holding you back from using it whenever you have a spare moment but can’t manage any major physical activities such as running, pushups, and so on.


the Tao WellShell, a super fun portable gadget that actually gets you moving”


The device’s app, which comes in both iOS and Android flavors, comes with more than 50 exercises that can be done practically anywhere.


…small handheld device that works with an iOS app to help you tone your body through isometrics.


…works as an isometric exercise device when a user applies pressure to it in various ways…


The device is built for 50 different isometric exercises, recording results by way of your Android or iOS device. It can also track your steps, caloric intake, heart rate and sleep patterns — so pretty much everything, but the cooldown massage.

WellShell puts isometric exercise in the palm of your hand.


If you often find yourself clenching things when you get frustrated, a new fitness gadget could turn your penchant for squeezing into better health and maybe even a few lost pounds.


…the system also offers fun twists on your workout, simulating scenarios such as controlling a skier in an interactive competition with friends who have the system.


…may be ideal for couch potatoes because you can use it anywhere.


You use your own strength to press against the Wellshell and an audible coach tells you when to press harder or hold.


…tech-driven workout with instant results right off your smartphone.


…all the user has to do is hold the device in their hands, knees, thighs, follow the instructions on the app, and just push!


It was actually a lot more challenging than I had anticipated—and a lot more fun.


TAO also has all the data you’d expect from an activity tracker (calories burnt, sleep tracking and a heart rate monitor), but the isometric addition puts it ahead of the pack.


The Tao WellShell isn’t a wearable, but it does have a unique feature: It’s the only fitness gadget (so far) that you can actually work out with.


Now, while you’re waiting in grocery lines, traffic, or even watching TV, you can be flexing various muscle groups and having your strength measured and pushed to the rythms of more… more… more… hold…