We wanted to give you a status update on the progress that we are making with the Wellshell. We are still working through some of the issues that we detailed in our last manufacturing update, and others have been solved.

Plastic Shell
We have almost completed the tooling modification for the lower lid to fix the deformation that was causing the gap between the two lids (a final polishing is currently in progress at IDneo before we can officially approve the tool). Working with IDneo, we came up with the solution of molding the lower lid separately from the lower bracket and then gluing the parts instead of the initially designed over-molding. This was a major issue which is now solved!

We are also finalizing a request for another tooling modification that would fillet the outer edge of the Upper Lid right out of the mold so we do not have to do it manually afterwards. This is a substantial additional engineering investment but will improve comfort and quality and shorten the production time in the long run.

HDR Bumpers in the Pressure Sensor
We are also working hard to improve the pressure sensing accuracy. The accuracy of the device is dependent on two elements that work together within the pressure sensor. Finding the correct densities of both so that their combined performance brings minimum non-linearity of the overall sensor behavior is an elaborate trial and error process with our tooling vendor in China. The next phase is testing in our R&D unit in Europe.

tao-manufacturing-2 tao-manufacturing-1

Heart Rate Sensor
Another major improvement is the heart rate sensor in the Wellshell. The new material that we sourced for the HR Window has 98.8% infrared transparency which has boosted the optical transmission exponentially. We are now adjusting the firmware algorithm to match the new signal strength and patterns, and we have planned a working release of the new firmware by the end of June.


Bluetooth Smart
We have completed a major stabilization of the BLE connection! Now that we have improved connectivity, we are working together with Radicom to solve an issue that prevented the same WellShell to be used both with an iOS device for Variobics and with an Android device for playing third party games like Jetpack Joyride, Tiny Bird Adventure, Whale Trail and Ski Safari. Getting Google and Apple to play nicely together is a challenge many developers face 🙂

We are also one month away from completing an upgrade of the TAO mobile app. This new iteration of the app will have enhanced content (workouts and exercises), some cool new features, and UI improvements. It is made to work with the upgraded BLE and sync protocols and to sync user data and content with our Cloud (which is also in an advanced development stage).


Another positive software development is that we have already completed the mobile version of the Sumo game so users will be able to compete in TAO Sumo on their iOS or Android mobile devices.


We are excited to be moving forward towards product release! Stay tuned for more updates!