Please take a few minutes to watch these videos. It’s the easiest way to learn how to use TAO!

Remember to calibrate your WellShell for each exercise.

Quick Start Video 1
  1. Easy Overview
  2. Turning the WellShell on
  3. BlueTooth – Connecting your WellShell to your phone
  4. Exercising with the Mobile App

Quick Start Video 2
Mobile App Tour
  1. Selecting Exercises
  2. Selecting Pathway Graph or Ski Game
  3. Exercise Routines
  4. Customize Number of Reps
  5. Customize Rest Period Duration
  6. Check out the Menu & Work Out Log
  7. Navigation within the App

Quick Start Video 3
  1. How to Calibrate Each Exercise to Your Strength Level. Calibration is like picking the right weight to work out with, and is essential to getting the most out of each exercise.

Quick Start Video 4
Heart Rate Monitor
  1. How to Use the Heart Rate Monitor without the App

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and Troubleshooting Guide.

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