The TAO Chair is a prototype unveiled by TAO-Wellness at CES 2015, built to combat the ill health effects of… well, sitting in a chair. TAO has built the technology behind its WellShell, a hand-held isometric exercise device, into a chair you can set up in your living room that allows you do subtle exercises to strengthen core muscles without having to miss your favorite TV shows. You burn calories by pushing and pulling in different ways on the chair arms. Slow and steady is the path to the best burn.

The prototypes TAO brought to CES are covered in white leather, with deep seats and small screens on the chair arms that display calories burned during the current exercise session, as well as total calories burned since the chair was taken out of the box. TAO aims to keep the chair display simple, while a partner app will add additional functionality such as workout guides and graphs of your exercise data.

We had a chance to sit in the chair on the CES show floor and found it quite comfortable. It quickly engaged our core muscles, and we could easily see how the chair could promote more “active” sitting. Unfortunately, the prototype was so new that we were not able to test its partner app. We were told the chair will also pair with simple games in the same way as the TAO WellShell, giving you the ability to control a character simply by adding pressure to the chair in various, isometric ways.

The TAO Chair does not yet have a release date, as it is still in the early prototype stage. It will be interesting to see how it develops over time into a chair people will want to exercise in.
By Erin Fife