Core Exercise on the plane and in the office
Combat the ill-effects of too much sitting

January 6-9 at CES Las Vegas, Tech West
Sands Expo – Level 2; Hall A-C, Booth 74531


KokaTAO in handLas Vegas, NV – December 1, 2015 – Trapped in a chair? Only have a few minutes? Now, with TAO, you can work your core with isometric-based exercises and relieve the stress & pain of all that sitting.

TAO is a Tiny Gym in Your PocketTM, allowing you to Take Exercise AnywhereTM. On display at the TAO booth will be the consumer version of the TAO WellShell along with the redesigned free app. Try TAO for yourself and see why it’s the perfect exercise break at the office, on the plane, or while watching the kids.

TAO’s gamification makes the work-out fun too. Our free app coaches you through over 50 exercises which you play as a racing video game. Or play our new Fly-FitTM mobile game and exercise your way around the world. There’s even multi-player Sumo!




tao-app-ski tao-app


Also on display for the first time are new TAO products to integrate fitness & wellness into the office. Our Personal & Corporate Wellness software allows employees to compete with exercise games online – working the core during a fun work break. Our office chair kit turns your chair into a mini-gym.


TAO-Wellness’s mission is to integrate healthy exercise into your life. Busy? Can’t get away? Want to play videogames? Not a problem because with TAO, you can still get a work out in and stay healthy.


TAO was chosen by WIRED magazine as one of the top 20 new products in 2015 at their WIRED Health event in London. Popular Science gave TAO “Best New Fitness Gadget” honors for 2015. Also, TAO was chosen 1st out of 127 products for an elite pilot program at the nation’s leading Health provider (details on that will be revealed at CES).

Doing a set of reps with TAO is serious exercise. TAO is validated and has been tested by thousands of people. Come try TAO for yourself and see why the Daily Beast calls TAO “a perfect fit for road warriors and desk jockeys alike.”


The TAO approach to fitness and wellness focuses on simplicity, balance and harmony. With TAO, users can exercise at their desk, on the airplane, while watching TV or watching the kids.  tao-at-the-office tao-airplane-man

TAO will be available for wider distribution starting at CES 2016 in Las Vegas in January. For more information, interviews or demos, please contact info@TAO-Wellness.com or head to www.tao-wellness.com.



About TAO-Wellness


TAO-Wellness is a start-up with offices in California and Nevada, and has been developing TAO for over three years.   There are seven issued patents plus two allowed patents protecting the TAO WellShell device and the TAO fitness ecosystem. Over 50 patent applications have been filed internationally over the past two years. These patents cover all aspects of how you exercise with TAO WellShell itself, how the interface works, how we demonstrate the exercises, how we monitor them, how the TAO system analyzes the data and how it coaches you to wellness.


The TAO and TAO-Wellness brands and products are fully protected by international trademark, copyright and patent laws. All rights reserved. © 2008-2016.


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Media Contact

Philo Northrup

President & Co-Founder, TAO-Wellness

cell: 415 385 7229