TAO WellShell 2.0 Mobile Exerciser Ready to Roll Out,
plus TAO-Wellness will debut a new product designed for the smart living room

CES Unveiled: January 5, 4-7pm
Mandalay Bay, Level 3, South Seas Ballroom C

January 6-9 at CES Las Vegas, Digital Fitness & Technology Expo
Tech West/Sands Expo – Level 2; Hall C – Booth 74504




Las Vegas, NV – January 5, 2015 – TAO-Wellness wowed CES last year with its WellShell prototype – a cell phone-sized mobile exercise device & free app. The consumer ready version of the “Tiny Gym in Your Pocket” will be on display at TAO’s booth, along with a brand new prototype for the smart home: the TAO Chair.

Continuing the company’s philosophy of turning downtime into exercise time™, the TAO Chair’s strong design and imbedded electronics enable you to burn calories while watching TV or visiting friends.

You push, TAO Chair’s upholstered arms resist. Press with your legs, press with your arms. Press up. Press to the sides. Press down. Work out different muscle groups all over your body. Strengthen your core.


Just like the pocket sized TAO WellShell, you can use the TAO Chair to play your favorite casual games (including the multiplayer TAO Sumo). Have fun, level up, burn calories and strengthen your core.

How many calories will you burn during season 1?

Both the TAO WellShell and the TAO Chair combat the enemy of good health today: sitting. Sitting is an unavoidable part of modern life. Yet according to health experts such as the American Cancer Society and the Mayo Clinic, sitting is tremendously unhealthy. Running or going to the gym several times per week is not enough to compensate. You need to be active while sitting. Only TAO enables you to actually workout while at your desk, on an airplane, or
watching TV. Come see for yourself and try TAO at CES. There’s nothing else like TAO.


TAO-Wellness’s mission is to integrate healthy exercise into your life. Busy? Can’t get away? Want to play videogames? Not a problem because with TAO, you can still get a work out in and stay healthy.

The TAO WellShell will be available for wider distribution starting at CES 2015 in Las Vegas in January. For more information, interviews or demos, please email press@TAO-wellness.com or head to TAO-wellness.com & TAOchair.com.

Philo Northrup, President & Co-Founder of TAO-Wellness is available for questions and interviews. Also available is Dr. Kostadin Yanev, the inventor of both the TAO WellShell and the TAO Chair; and Viktor Kalvachev, TAO’s Chief Creative Officer and designer of the TAO Chair.

About TAO-Wellness

TAO-Wellness is a start-up with offices in California and Nevada, and has been developing TAO for over three years. There are two issued patents plus one allowed patent protecting the TAO WellShell device and the TAO fitness ecosystem. Over 12 additional patent applications have been filed internationally over the past two years. These patents cover all aspects of how you exercise with TAO WellShell itself, how the interface works, how we demonstrate the exercises, how we monitor them, how the TAO system analyzes the data and how it coaches you to wellness.

The TAO and TAO-Wellness brands and products are fully protected by international trademark, copyright and patent laws. All rights reserved. © 2008-2015.
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