Demoing the Wellshell at the Special Olympics was just as great at the closing day as it was on the opening day! It was incredibly inspiring to have a chance to meet the athletes and their families, and to see the amazing accomplishments of those competing.

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It was interesting to learn that, with 6,500 athletes and 2,000 coaches representing 165 countries, along with 30,000 volunteers and an anticipated 500,000 spectators, the 2015 Special Olympics World Games was the largest sports and humanitarian event this year. The Coca Cola booth came up with a great way to visually represent the scale of this event by having every athlete that stopped by put a pin in a giant world map to show where they were coming from – this was truly a global event.

The traffic around our demo area was a steady flow, and again many athletes and their families had fun competing with each other using the Wellshell. Sumo continued to be very popular.

The Finnish Volleyball Team came by to try the Wellshell between their events and thought that it was so cool that they wished they had some for the return flight home.

tao-special-olympics-round-2-sumoOne of the Kaiser Permanente staffers had an epic TAO Sumo match with his teenage son that lasted four minutes!

A sorority girl from UCLA tried it out and later brought back a group of her sisters to compete with each other in Sumo – they thought that it was a great way to work out and they planned on purchasing one for personal use when they became available.

Some members of the Special Olympics staff also had a chance to try it and liked it. One member of the staff wished that it was a little bit smaller with a rubberized coating which are two changes that we already have planned for the next iteration!

Later in the afternoon a tennis pro stopped in to give the Wellshell a try. He had done his thesis on active gaming being as effective as running on a treadmill and was very impressed with Wellshell as a way to gamify exercise. He thought that the Wellshell was a very innovative device that could provide a real workout and he especially liked that it was a way to make active gaming mobile and available anywhere, anytime.

We had a wonderful time at the Special Olympics – a big thanks to Kaiser for presenting TAO at this inspirational global event.