We had a great time at the Special Olympics last Sunday! We were honored to be invited to demonstrate the Wellshell by Kaiser Permanente – the Founding Champion and Official Health Partner for the games – at their Emerging Tech Exhibit.

In addition to the Wellshell, Kaiser was presenting a therapeutic virtual reality game that they are currently developing using the Occulus Rift. They were also showing the Samsung Gear VR as a second example of current virtual reality.

While the games officially opened on Saturday, Sunday was the first day of competitions and excitement was high in competitors and spectators alike.

The athletes came to try out the Wellshell between events and they had a lot of fun playing the games with TAO. Sumo was especially popular given the competitive spirit that permeated the atmosphere during this global competition. The highlight of our day was when the entire USA Cheerleading Team stopped by to try out the Wellshell. They all loved it, and one of the girls reined defending champion for five rounds of Sumo in a row!


Many of the official trainers also had a chance to try out the device and were very impressed with the potential for practical applications in their field – one even told us that he thought that the Wellshell could revolutionize the way that we see and perceive exercise as a whole.

Generally speaking, the trainers were more interested in TVG, our exercise app, while the athletes, their families, and the spectators were more enthusiastic about the games, but everyone who stopped by was very interested and supportive of TAO. People really appreciated that the Wellshell could be calibrated to individual strength levels as the physicality of the crowd varied drastically from young children to highly trained athletes.

We had a blast last Sunday and we are super excited to be at the Special Olympics again this coming Saturday, Aug 1 from 11am-3pm. If you are there, stop by the Pauley Pavilion and try out the Wellshell for yourself! Stay tuned for Part 2 next week!