This last week president and co-Founder of TAO Wellness, Philo Northrup headed out to Burning Man with his TAO. While this was the TAO’s first time at the event, Philo started going to Burning Man in 1995 with his Truck in Flux, which is one of the few vehicles licensed both to drive on the highway and drive on the Playa. The Truck in Flux is an official historical vehicle of Burning Man.




One of the most important aspects of the TAO is the potential for mobile fitness—the idea that you can work out anywhere, anytime. Philo had no trouble finding many different fitness oriented activities to engage in for some healthy fun over the week.

The Sculpture Climb—a workout to get to the top, but the view was worth it!



The Zoetrope sculpture – human powered. A bunch of people worked together to get the thing spinning fast enough by exercising on rowing machines to create an animated sequence of an acrobat. (Below Left)



Of course some yoga—a great illustration of the principles of isometric exercise! (Above Right)

But Philo still found time to squeeze in some workouts with his TAO! Even if he couldn’t get the mobile app to work on this phone.



A great (and healthy) time was had and TAO showed again that, when fitness becomes mobile, it can happen everywhere—even when you are partying in the desert!