Product development is an interesting process, and as it unfolds we are learning so much about what it takes to make new hardware. It is very exciting to have the opportunity to create a product that is like nothing else on the market, but it also means that we have to invent things as we go. We are blazing new trails!

We received the first batch of TAO WellShells off the assembly line and unfortunately the device did not pass our quality assurance tests. As eager as we are to get TAOs out there, we know that if the device doesn’t perform well it will frustrate our supporters (and frustrate us as well). Working with IDneo and SMTC, it was decided that we need to adjust one of the machines that controls the molding process, and also source a different plastic material for the shell. As is often the case with hardware manufacturing, we need another iteration.
koka-tao-2.0-side viewkoka-tao-2.0-top-viewkoka-tao-2.0-plug-view

Meanwhile our European development team is hard at work on the API (application programming interface) for TAO. We currently have working API compatible with Android and web based applications, and are in the process of working out the kinks for iOS compatible API.

The proposals for the Stanford University Center on Longevity Design Challenge are due at the end of November, and as we mentioned in an earlier post, students will be using the API to create new apps, games, or uses for TAO that will increase mobility in older adults. If you would like to develop apps with our API, using TAO’s patented technology, please contact us at info@TAO-Wellness.com.

Here are some ways that development teams are utilizing TAO’s API to make games and apps for mobile and social sites:
• New game for TAO that uses the device’s accelerometer as well as the pressure sensor
• New game for TAO that’s multiplayer on mobile
• New game for TAO that asks the player to try a series of different exercises to progress through the game, perhaps depicting the exercises on screen during the game
• Therapeutic uses for TAO
• Applications designed specifically for the elderly or handicapped
• Applications that capture user data in innovative ways
• New ways to connect TAO to other fitness & wellness & lifestyle apps
• New uses for the TAO WellShell as an input output device (changing TV channels, operating household lights or appliances, etc . . .)

Watch the video below for more information on the TAO API!