What is an isometric exercise? Isometrics are forms of exercise commonly used in Yoga, Pilates and core training in which the muscles exercise in static positions. One of your muscles exerts pressure, and another resists, exercising both in the process.

A common example of an isometric exercise would be holding the TAO with your both hands in front of your chest in a “prayer” position. Squeezing your core, you press against the TAO WellShell with both hands. This exercises both arms, your chest and your core abdominal muscles.

We add a dynamic element to isometric exercise because the TAO app has you vary the pressure to follow our exercise graph. This makes the exercise more beneficial and more fun, and we call these exercises “VariobicsTM.”

VariobicsTM uses isometrics and the concept of resistance training to build strength and burn calories. Because these isometric exercises do not require a gym, using TAO you can work out anywhere, anytime!

Check out the video of physical trainer Janelle demonstrating exercises with TAO!