Dr. Kosta Yanev, CEO & Co-Founder

Kosta-Yanev-Tao-WellnessKosta is CEO & Co-Founder of TAO-Wellness, and the inventor of the TAO exercise system.

TAO started with Kosta and his personal search for a healthy lifestyle despite all the demands of work, family and travel. He needed a portable, Quantifiable and encouraging exercise program. Since nothing was available he invented it.

He had isometric training as a youth, so he set about combining that knowledge with today’s technology. As a Nuclear Physicist with a doctorate in mathematics, his métier is designing and implementing process control systems with pressure sensors, accelerometers, software and firmware.
The result is TAO, a portable exercise system that takes isometrics to the next level – something he calls “Variobics™” because the exercises are measured, variable and dynamic.

Kosta has founded and launched a diverse array of successful companies including FTSAM (J.V. with Frankfurt Airport/Fraport AG); Great Bear (NASDAQ: GTBR); French videogame developer DONTNOD Entertainment; and he serves on the Board of Assarel-Medet Mining.

He also co-wrote a graphic novel called “Blue Estate,” published by Image Comics (and now a LeapMotion videogame), and co-authored half a dozen new patent applications for online
entertainment and health/fitness devices.


Philo Northrup President & Co-Founder

Philo-Northrup-Tao-WellnessPhilo is President & Co-Founder of TAO-Wellness.

As someone who travels frequently for business, Philo loves that TAO allows him to actually exercise on airplanes – a portable gym & trainer. turning downtime into exercise time.

An outspoken proponent of “Productive Play,” Philo has been a featured speaker at Google’s IGDA event and Mashable’s Social Media Day, and over the past 20 years has produced or executive produced over 50 titles for most of the top-tier software publishers and developers in North America, earning 4 Best Educational Software Awards, 2 Bologna Best New Media Prizes, 2 Editors’ Choice Awards from Newsweek Magazine, 2 PC Magazine Top Ratings Awards and Best downloadable Game of the Year.

Philo is also a sculptor whose artwork has been the subject of over 40 exhibitions and many press articles. He is best known for his ArtCars for which he was awarded a 2007 National Endowment for the Arts Grant; and ArtGolf® an avant garde miniature golf course first profiled in the Wall Street Journal in 1989, and still vital enough to take top honors at the Maker Faire.

Philo graduated cum laude from Vanderbilt University and received his Juris Doctorate from the University of Oregon, School of Law.