When you think core exercise, I would guess that the first thing that pops into your head is a sit-up right? Well crunches certainly have their place, but that is just the tip of the iceberg when looking at ways to exercise your core!

Core strength is about balance – over training your abs, while neglecting your back can actually detract from your overall fitness and even lead to painful injuries. You must strengthen the front and back. Tangentially, as your core strength improves, so will your stability and balance!

Isometric exercises, or exercises where you hold a position under tension, are great for strengthening the whole core. Some common examples of these are planking and yoga. Here are some examples isometric core exercises. Here are some great body weight core exercises via Greatist.

Introducing an aspect of instability into your workout will also help build core strength. Try working out using a stability ball or Bosu ball and you will be forced to keep your core tensed as you go through your exercises which will build core strength faster.

stability-ball-core-workoutbosu-ball-core-workout swiss_ball_knee-tuck

In addition to these well-known body-weight exercises, all of the exercises with the WellShell are isometric and build core strength. The TAO app coaches you through over 50 Variobic” exercises – standing & sitting – that strengthen your core and work out your body’s muscles from head to toe. For a better idea of how it works check out our WellShell Trainer Video!

Stay tuned for Core Strength Part 3 where we will talk about why core strength is important to combat too much sitting!