Already the largest tech show in the world, CES 2015 broke all preexisting records for sheer magnitude. According to CEA, “The 2015 CES wrapped as the largest show in history with more than 2.2 million net square feet of exhibit space featuring more than 3,600 exhibitors, including a record number of startups.” It never ceases to amaze how fast an empty space turns into a bustling completed center of activity for an event on this scale.


While part of the TAO Team was busy setting up for the official start of the show, we were simultaneously debuting the brand new TAO Chair at the press event Unveiled. See video footage of The Verge and CNET trying the TAO Chair for the First time here


On Tuesday, January 6th, the show official began, and people seemed to flock to our booth!

We had a variety of different demo stations set up to show the myriad aspects of the TAO Ecosystem.

We demoed the basic workout with the Wellshell paired to a mobile phone or tablet as our Variobics app coached people through the exercises.


We showed the very practical application of the Wellshell on a plane, to get blood flowing and workout in a small space.


People had a great time using the Wellshell as a mobile game controller and working out while playing games!


And, of course, we had the new TAO Chair set up so people could experience the potential for healthier active sitting in the comfort of a living room.



The head of our US tech department was a little star-struck when John Draper, the infamous Captain Crunch stopped by to try out the Wellshell!

Even our neighbors from the booth next door and the AVR spokesperson stopped in to give the Wellshell and the TAO Chair a try!

On Thursday we were thrilled to make front page news in the Las Vegas Review Journal!


Our tech team worked diligently behind the scenes to keep everything charged and flowing seamlessly throughout the show.

By the end, we were all exhausted, but it was a great time and we were very excited to see the very positive response people had after trying our products!


Overall, CES 2015 was a great success!