A piece of furniture at the intersection at technology and wellness offers fitness within the connected home

Have you ever gotten home from work with the intentions of heading to the gym, but found you’re just too exhausted after the long day? Regretfully, most people habitually skip their exercise in lieu of relaxing on the couch. The TAO Chair solves the modern man’s dilemma by bringing an inconspicuous gym to your living room. While a chair that lets you work out and burn calories while sitting down might seem oxymoronic, it offers a fitness solution to people who are confined to a chair throughout the day and into the evening.


With embedded sensors and isometrics in the armrest, you can burn calories and dedicate a workout to certain areas of your body. The Variobics system designed specifically for the TAO Wellness products allows the user to perform core exercises, pulls ups or leg lifts without having to exert force. Depending on where you place your arms or legs will determine how the technology reacts to various muscle groups: the TAO chair’s arms resist weight so you can press up, down or sideways, depending on where you want to see results.

An accompanying TAO mobile app offers coaching for a series of workout exercises that can be done using the chair alone. The app monitors the user’s fitness level and displays the amount of calories burned in a screen embedded within the right arm chair. The fitness tracker also shows how many calories have been burned since the owner purchased the chair so they can visualize overall fitness progress.

The TAO Chair is an interesting addition to the TAO WellShell debuted at CES 2014, a small mobile exercise device that acts as a “tiny gym in your pocket,” because of its purpose within the new connected home. As more and more devices within the house are interconnected to one another, the Chair offers people a sedentary gym within in their living room that links up with their smart devices. The idea of a connected fitness ecosystem lets people incorporate health and wellness into busy schedules, or workout on their downtime.