TAO Wins Innovation Award at SVIEF!

This past weekend, TAO attended the fourth annual SVIEF—Silicon Valley Technology Innovation & Entrepreneurship Forum—which is an international conference designed to connect technologically inclined businesses in the US with their counterparts in the Asia-Pacific region. The focus of the event is on innovation in the high-tech industry, and both President Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore have spoken at this event.

tao-svief-2014 speakers-svief-2014

The event brought together people from all over the world including Apple […]

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TAO Provides Platform for Stanford Center on Longevity/Ageing 2.0 Design Challenge


TAO has been selected to provide a platform for the Stanford Center on Longevity Design Challenge! The design challenge “Enabling Mobility Across the Life Span” is a global competition to encourage students to design products and services to improve the lives of older adults. The focus this year is mobility—to keep older adults moving and exercising in ways that are easily incorporated into their everyday lives and are maintainable over time.

The TAO team will be on campus to show Stanford […]

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TAO Wellness at IFA in Berlin

Last week TAO Wellness went to IFA in Berlin. Similar to CES in the US, IFA is a global trade show that showcases the latest products and innovations in the field of consumer electronics. TAO received a great reception by the European press and public. Philo Northrup, President and Co-Founder of TAO, and Ivo Yanev, TAO’s Technical Chief, were kept busy demoing the brand new TAO prototypes. 

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Mobile Fitness: TAO goes to Burning Man

This last week president and co-Founder of TAO Wellness, Philo Northrup headed out to Burning Man with his TAO. While this was the TAO’s first time at the event, Philo started going to Burning Man in 1995 with his Truck in Flux, which is one of the few vehicles licensed both to drive on the highway and drive on the Playa. The Truck in Flux is an official historical vehicle of Burning Man.

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TAO Wellshell 2.0  Prepped for Manufacturing at SMTC

This is an exciting week at TAO Wellness! We are assembling our first batch of TAO Wellshell 2.0 prototypes.

We have been working with IDneo in Barcelona, and SMTC in San Jose on the prototypes, but the actual assembly is being done at SMTC.


The first step is to print the circuit boards.

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Welcome to the TAO-Wellness blog!

fitness-enthusiastTAO-Wellness is a company dedicated to the future of fitness tech, and we are excited about our upcoming release of the TAO WellShell which is a cell-phone-sized exercise device that you can actually exercise with anywhere, anytime. As Venture Beat put it, TAO is “a tiny gym in your pocket.”

In this space we will be telling our story while posting updates on travel, manufacture, events, and awards, as well as photos and videos.

Check out the latest update on our Kickstarter page.

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