8 Easy Tips to be Healthier at Your Desk Job


In previous blog posts we have discussed how hard it is on your body to sit at a desk all day every day. It can cause problems with your bones, muscles, circulation, and organs. Some have even likened the scope of detrimental effects caused by prolonged sitting to those of smoking. If you are interested in learning more about these negative health effects check out our blog, Sitting is the Enemy. We also recognize that sitting for extended periods of time is often unavoidable (we have that mortgage to […]

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Manufacturing Update 3

We are continuing to move forward with the Wellshell and wanted to give you another status update.


Plastic Shell

We have had major success in solving the considerable deformation of the Lower Lid that used to cause an over-sized gap between the two lids. As you may remember from earlier updates, this turned out to be due to the over-molding of the Lower Lid with the internal chassis that was twisting after cooling down because of the difference in the thermal properties of the two materials. To fix […]

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TAO Goes to the Special Olympics: Part 2


Demoing the Wellshell at the Special Olympics was just as great at the closing day as it was on the opening day! It was incredibly inspiring to have a chance to meet the athletes and their families, and to see the amazing accomplishments of those competing.

tao-sp-oly-demo-2-9 tao-sp-oly-demo-2-12 tao-sp-oly-demo-2-10

It was interesting to learn that, with 6,500 athletes […]

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TAO Goes to the Special Olympics: Part 1


We had a great time at the Special Olympics last Sunday! We were honored to be invited to demonstrate the Wellshell by Kaiser Permanente – the Founding Champion and Official Health Partner for the games – at their Emerging Tech Exhibit.

In addition to the Wellshell, Kaiser was presenting a therapeutic virtual reality game that they are currently developing using the Occulus Rift. They were also showing the Samsung Gear VR as a second example […]

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TAO’s Top Summer Time Recipes & Ingredients


As we have mentioned before, fitness is only one part of a healthy lifestyle – nutrition is another vital aspect to overall health and wellness. During the summer, when fresh fruits and veggies abound, it is pretty easy to get inspired in the kitchen! Too hot to cook inside? Take dinner outside and cook it on the grill!

Speaking of grilling, kebabs are a great summer meal! You can load them up with meat and veggies, cook them on the grill to keep the house cool, and […]

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5 Ways to Stay Healthy and Fit While Beating the Heat this Summer


Happy Summer Solstice everyone! Now that it is officially summer, it can be hard to find the motivation to be active and eat right when it is sweltering outside. Here are some ideas from TAO on how to stay healthy and cool during the summer months.

1. Get up early and work out. We realize that this may be good advice year round, but when the temperatures get up there, it is imperative to start early in the day. Go for an early morning run or do […]

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Two Members of the TAO Engineering Team Win NASA Award!


We are excited to announce that two of our engineers were part of the team that recently won the 2015 NASA International Space Apps Challenge! The challenge was a “two-day hackathon where teams of technologists, scientists, designers, artists, educators, entrepreneurs, developers and students across the globe collaborate and engage with publicly available data to design innovative solutions for global challenges.”

Martin Kuvandzhiev (above left), our firmware developer, headed […]

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Wellshell Manufacturing Update 2

We wanted to give you a status update on the progress that we are making with the Wellshell. We are still working through some of the issues that we detailed in our last manufacturing update, and others have been solved.

Plastic Shell
We have almost completed the tooling modification for the lower lid to fix the deformation that was causing the gap between the two lids (a final polishing […]

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TAO Wellness Received a Great Reception at the WIRED Health Clinic


Last Friday we had the opportunity to demo the TAO Wellshell and the TAO Chair at the WIRED Health Clinic in London, England. We were one of only 19 companies worldwide selected to showcase our products as part of the emerging landscape of digital health. See our press release about the event here.

wired-health-clinic-taoThe WIRED Health Clinic was “designed to introduce, explain and predict trends in the medical and personal healthcare industries” and was “a showcase […]

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10 Tips from TAO for a Healthy Diet!


Being healthy isn’t just about being active and getting enough exercise, it is also imperative that you have a good diet. Now this doesn’t mean that you can NEVER eat all of the delicious unhealthy things that you love like ice cream, chocolate, and pizza, but those things should be the exception, not the rule.

Here are some tips on how to improve your dietary habits:

1. Drink more water. Start you day with lemon water –the benefits are innumerable. If you want more flavor try making infused […]

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