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Healthy Holidays: 10 Healthy Saint Patrick’s Day Treats


Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! It can be great fun to get into the Irish spirit, but green beer and bread – just add food coloring – are not the healthiest choices. There are plenty of green treats you can serve to celebrate the day in style without completely sacrificing nutrition. We rounded up 10 naturally green, healthy, and delicious recipes to try this year!

green-salad1. Green Salad Of course, the easiest and healthiest way to bring more green […]

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Core Strength Part 3: The Last Defense against the Sitting Disease


The best way to combat too much sitting is simply to get up and move around regularly throughout the day (check out our blog on Fractionalized Exercise), but sometimes this just is not possible. When you are stuck sitting, having a strong core can help to minimize the damage being done to your back, as you core provides support to the spine.

posturestrong-weak-coreBuilding […]

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Core Strength Part 2: Core Exercises and the WellShell


When you think core exercise, I would guess that the first thing that pops into your head is a sit-up right? Well crunches certainly have their place, but that is just the tip of the iceberg when looking at ways to exercise your core!

Core strength is about balance – over training your abs, while neglecting your back can actually detract from your overall fitness and even lead to painful injuries. You must strengthen the front and back. Tangentially, as your core strength improves, so will […]

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CES Las Vegas 2016


The first day of the show kicked off a little quieter than usual this year – possibly due to the weather in Las Vegas. Rainfall and fog forced flights to be delayed and even canceled during some of the busiest in-bound airline traffic days of the year for LAS. Our President and Co-Founder, Philo Northrup even had his flight canceled and had to drive down to Vegas from Reno. Listening to the chatter of the crowds, this was a great topic of conversation.

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Core Strength Part 1: What is the Core?


It is a common misconception that your core is synonymous with your abs; in fact, your core is comprised of your abdominal muscles, back muscles, and the muscles around your pelvis. These muscles are the foundation of your body.

The core muscles fall into two categories: stabilizers and movers. Stabilizer muscles attach to the spine and support its movement, while mover muscles connect to the stabilizers and work with them to move your body.

John Hanc of Runner’s World explains that the core muscles consists of:

  • Internal […]
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The Sitting Disease by the Numbers


In previous posts we have discussed the effects of too much siting (Sitting is the Enemy) and some possible ways to combat this growing pandemic (8 Easy Tips to be Healthier at Your Desk Job, Yoga Poses to Combat the Ill Effects of Sitting, 10 Ways to Sneak Exercise into your Daily Routine), but now it is time to look at the rather staggering numbers.

The global population is currently 7.3 Billion. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 1 in 4 […]

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Fractionalized Exercise


Generally once or even a few times a year we will get really motivated to start working out and get fit. This spike in motivation may come from watching the Olympics, New Year’s resolutions, or maybe even just a fancy new set of workout clothes and we will run right out and get a gym membership, absolutely determined to exercise for an hour a day. However, as time goes by our motivation tapers off, we make excuses, and we resume our sedentary lifestyle.

“But I just don’t […]

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Manufacturing Update 4: Final Bug Fixing and Assembly

KokaTAO in hand

We are in the final stages of assembling the TAO WellShells and wanted to give you another quick status update.

Plastic Shell

We had a scare last week as there was an issue with the mold – a small crack. If a new mold is needed that equals months of delay. Fortunately our contract manufacturer was able to repair it (that new just came in last week).


We have assembled the final boards as well, so now it’s a matter of getting everything in one place for final assembly. This […]

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Rock Health Summit

Last Wednesday we were honored to be invited to demo the WellShell at the Rock Health Summit in San Francisco. Rock Health is a company that “exists to fund and support entrepreneurs working at the intersection of healthcare and technology.” Basically they work to bring companies that exist on the leading edge of the health technology sector together with top professionals in the medical industry.

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Healthy Plane Travel Tips


One of the situations where sitting for extended periods of time is absolutely unavoidable is during airline travel. This can be very hard on the body – especially if (like most of us) you do not have the means to fly business or first class. This exact issue was one of the major motivating factors in the creation of the WellShell. We wanted a small, easily portable device that could be used anywhere, anytime – including close cramped quarters – for full body exercise.

During our recent WellShell […]

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